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Beneath a Violet Sky by ennailaughter Beneath a Violet Sky :iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 4 0
I'm trying to breathe
In the air
Out the smoke releases
Death that never ceases
This pleasure hardly pleases
I'm simply looking for
Joy, wherever I can find it
Because laughter comes in liquid form
It's falling from the shelf
Stumbling, fumbling
Wandering shadows in the mind
All this vanity
Simply for a smile
Moments of happiness
But in pain all the while
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 3 1
killing pain with poison
She's drowning in depression
Suffocating in her shame
The pills
Will help her breathe
And the smoke
Lets her believe
In happy endings
She's killing pain with poison
Putting up a smokescreen
To hide her heart behind
Chasing tears
With liquid laughter
But secretly
She's dying
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 3 2
Reckless and free
Waves tossing in the sea
No cares on the surface
But there's a treasure chest
Our eyes may see violence
And our hands may perform it
We scream in protest
Scream for silence
Acceptance is the key
Fear of defeat
All little raindrops
Contribute to the ocean
Of raging hormones and
Unkempt emotions
We guard our secrets
For treasure is likely
To be stolen
We may be uncontrollable
Seemingly insane
Incapable of doing what we're told
But underneath the crazy
The rage, tears, the agony
Lies a treasure
For beneath all this trash
Lies a heart of purest gold
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 3 1
I Found God
I was searching for God one day
So I went
To church
Sat in the pew
Sang songs like they do
Every Sunday
I looked for God in the faces
Of the people around me
And listened to the preacher
He spoke
About God's love
How the church shows
God's love
I heard the words
But saw nothing
Their faces held the
Same things as mine did
The same pain lay inside
Our eyes
And I saw no evidence
Of this idea of a God
That they so idolized
The words they spoke
As I walked out the door were like
Bolts to keep me away
"Who brought that girl here?"
"She doesn't belong in the house of the Lord"
I was searching for God one day
So I sat and talked to a poor man
Put some food in his hands
And the smile he gave me
That was pure joy
He told me a story
Of his life on the streets
The pain he had seen
How it made his heart break
And this poor, starving man
Gave the food in his hands
To the children with no mother
To feed them
The words that he spoke
Were like a breath of fresh air
"God bless you"
I found God that day
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 6 6
Desperate for love
She's got a porcelain heart
Locked inside her chest
Under a skin tight dress
Designed to draw your eyes
So you don't see the pain
That lies inside her own
She'll throw herself at you
Because this girl is so broken
She doesn't think she's worth
Any effort. So torn apart
That she's looking for love
Wherever she can find it
She's compartmentalizing
The drawers in her mind
Have pain locked inside
Collections of teardrops
From lonesome nights of crying
Comforted by measuring tape and razorblades
She's a girl full of fear
With eyes full of tears
Scars on her arms
Pain in her heart
But all you see is her body
And the smile that says
"Love me
I'm desperate"
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 8 5
I once balanced between
Life and death
I gasped for breath
Yet never breathed deeply
Never chose completely
I held what I knew in one hand
And with the other
Clung desperately to nothing
I covered pain with laughter
My heart was always torn in two
When I preached disbelief
Half my heart was chained to rules
Constricting regulations
And the other half
Was free
No longer will I allow myself
To be ripped apart inside
I've made my choice
And I'm not lying
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 7 12
Daydreamer by ennailaughter Daydreamer :iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 2 0
Paper, Porcelain, and Superglue
Some relationships are paper
Easy to tear apart
And often thrown away
Still others are porcelain
Beautiful to look at
But shattered
The moment they're pushed
Off the top shelf
Where you stuffed all the
Because no one ever talked about them
But baby our relationship is superglue
Mending problems
We can take the porcelain and paper
Repair them
Make them gorgeous
And we are everlasting
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 1 5
Seasons by ennailaughter Seasons :iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 0 0
My sexuality
I am attracted to males
And females
Yet I fail to see where you see fit
To label me a slut
A whore
Just because I like both genders
That doesn't mean I'm easy
My sexuality
Is not my identity
It does not define
Every aspect of my personality
But it is
A part of me
Don't ask me to change it
Because I can't
And even though I'm dating a guy now
I'm still not straight
Just like dating a girl
Doesn't make me gay
I am bisexual
I like both genders
The same
But remember
Just because I like your gender
That doesn't mean I'm into you
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 6 13
Until I'm okay
Do you know what I've been through?
Lived through?
Or the painful things I've seen?
Are you aware of the hurt that I hide
Behind my smile
And the simple words "I'm fine"?
Can you see the scars underneath
My butterflies?
So when you catch me crying
Don't be so surprised
Please just hold me
And let me be myself for a little while
Then I'll go back to smiling
Yet sometimes, my smile is real
And somedays I don't cry
I know scars eventually fade
Someday I'll be ready to let all this go
And I know one day I'll be fine
Until then, I'll keep faking
Treasure the moments of true happiness
And wait for the day
When I am really
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 3 7
In love with my best friend
You know exactly what to say
To brighten up my day
An how to tell my fake smile
From the real thing
You've seen me at my best
And at my worst
Yet you still love me
When you're around
My mood lifts
And you've always known how
To keep me smiling
You understand me
Even when I can't put my thoughts
Into words
Or when my words make no sense
Sometimes my silence speaks volumes
I wish you could hold me forever
Because your presence
Calms my mind, and allows me
To relax
And I know I am so lucky to be in love
With my best friend
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 1 2
Your child cries
Do you care?
Screams for a mommy
That's never there
It should be you holding him tight
Drying his eyes
Fighting the monsters that invade
His restless nights
Mommy should be his superhero
Not a wish he makes on a shooting star
No little boy should suffer like this
Or wonder whether his mom will show up
To the meetings that have been planned
For weeks
He shouldn't be surprised when you keep
Your promises
Visits from mommy and daddy shouldn't be
A surprise
Don't leave your baby boy crying
Don't make him wonder if you even care
Or question if you're there
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 1 4
I Love You
We've shared so much
It's been years and yet feels like days
Our love never faded
And our friendship never failed
Yet we always had to hold back
We were just friends for so long
To take it further
Seemed wrong
I feared losing you
Or losing myself
So I kept my feelings locked tight
Never letting anyone see
And never being honest
But now I can finally tell you
How I feel
When I'm with you
I forget my problems
My pain
And everything seems brighter
When I am in your arms
All I can think of when I see you
Is how much you mean to me
And how much I love you
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 5 1
Taking A Chance
She's got butterflies in her stomach
And fear in her heart
Broken glass covers her eyes
Shattering vision that once was clear
So many people have left her
Hurt her
And if it happens again
How will she heal?
He loves her, she knows it
But what if that changes?
The others stopped loving her
Abandoned her
Is trying again even worth it?
Of course it is.
Her love for him is immeasurable
So she'll take the chance
Have faith in her best friend
Love him until the end of time
And live out her life
In his arms
:iconennailaughter:ennailaughter 4 9


Dark Magical Girl Redraw Contest!!
Hellooo our beauties!! We're terribly sorry for the long delay in activity but we have a new contest for everyone to participate!!~ :heart: :heart:
:star: Theme :star:
Magical girls have almost always been considered cute and bright, until recent years! So what we want you to do is draw your most creative redraw of fluffy, bright magical girls in a dark settings! Change hair, outfit, colour scheme, anything you want ! Make her strong and make her dark af :giggle: Try to stick to magical girl animes which do NOT have a dark setting existing (EX; Puella Magi, Day Break Illusion, Uta Kata, etc)
OC's not included sorry!!
:star: Rules :star:
:bulletgreen: Re-design a bright magical girl of your choice into something dark!
:bulletgreen: You can enter with as many entries you want, but only one picture can win
:bulletgreen: Has to be a new piece of artwork, or a piece that has not been submitted to the group
[Bullet; Green] Digital or Traditional
[Bullet; Green] Credit the original
:icon4ever-magical-girls:4ever-Magical-Girls 11 32
Nick and Judy (Zootopia fanart) by Akadio Nick and Judy (Zootopia fanart) :iconakadio:Akadio 368 48 depression comix #271 by depressioncomix depression comix #271 :icondepressioncomix:depressioncomix 156 6
Writing Prompt
:bulletred: Featuring those who submitted to the previous writing prompt from Live-Love-Write, here are the participants for this week, listed in reverse order of submission, along with information on the newest prompt. Please remember to fave this journal to help support your work and the prompt!
:bulletblack: To submit to the writing prompt, please remember to put "for the Live-Love-Write writing prompt" in your artist's comments and submit to the Writing Prompt gallery for your feature every week. Entries without this info will be denied. To submit to a past prompt, send us a note with a link to the entry and the prompt information.
:bulletblue: All literature and comics in response to the prompt are welcome and encouraged.
Last Week's Writing Prompt
Write anything that features one or more of the following:
- an abandoned mansion
- three knives
- a character that can't stop talking
- a red dress
Admin's Choice:
:iconlive-love-write:Live-Love-Write 3 4
it's okay to not be okay
sometimes it’s okay
to sit on the floor of the bathroom stall
and let your feelings gather- it’s okay
to let them pool like a lachrymose lagoon
as the inside of your stomach does summersaults;
I know these emotions can’t be tenderly released,
they’re not soft waves kissing the expecting shore,
let them pour out of you like tidal waves-
release the tsunami from within you
and I know sometimes the tears will sodden your pillowcase,
they’ll be juggernauts- those brackish beads
cathartically-cartwheeling down your flushed cheeks;
but remember how even the clouds
may cry tempestuously today,
only to make room
for much brighter days
so I promise you, darling
it’s going to be okay.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 552 138
Me by TidusTricker Me :icontidustricker:TidusTricker 337 207
i partied pretty hard last night,
i'm paying' for it now cause the headache is so bad i'm losing my sight.
the night was fun i cant lie, i was in a couple fights, not to proud of it but i did alright.
it so was not worth it. i'm tired of the pain.
hop in that hot shower, and pop some oxy as i watch water spiral down the drain.
i cant seem to function in life, i'm addicted to a fried brain.
i don't like being confused but what else is there for a 16 year old to gain.
i prey for the day when i can leave, i'm an ungrateful child full of false expectations.
i cant seem to follow the systems of the weak minded people telling me to stay.
i walk the path that i make, not the one that's chosen for me. but right now the only path i know is poetry.
cause on a spiral bound pad with a pen i can let loose at my mom and my dad cause there at it again. nothing that concerns you, or me.
but i cant process thoughts of every person being unique.
i want the life i had when i was 3. grandma still came aro
:icontimo35:Timo35 1 0
Its 2 am I see the door crack, there's light.
There's a rustle in the other room,my fists clench like I'm ready to fight.
I hear A creepy laugh in my head, so I click clack that slide.
This old witch, now in front of me kinda laughs as she says (bye bye.)
There's dry blood on her forehead I'm floating, what the fuck, am I high ?
I cant control the situation, I'm getting choked I cant scream.
Am I gonna die?.
She drops me on the floor I cant get up, my brains fried.
Head rushes and lack of oxygen I see white.
I cant believe it this demon ass bitch! shes playing with my life!
She lets me know shes happy, makes me look at her. That' right.
All I see is white hair and black eyes,
A ripped night gown and I'm attacked like,
thrown at the wall, pinned to the ground! Now shes got me suspended,
but some how, I'm starting to drown.
(now come's the fun part!)
And She hurls me down.
I fall through the floor.
Accelerating and I don't see how.
The temperature rises, my skin blisters (welcome to hell
:icontimo35:Timo35 1 0
i'm a bit crazy.
sitting in a dark room, alone with my thoughts. My intentions are weak, my mind begins to rot. I'm not as strong as I try to be so instead of fighting I stop . submit to depression, blank expression, I'm lost. I fall short of my goals I want to be a man but I'm not. With every breath I take I exhale ice and my temperature rises i feel hot.
Make no mistake it burns.
But I get back up. My fists clenched like rocks. I square off with life. No reff to call the cheap shots, we trade blows. Haymakers hooks we fought. I inch foreword no time on the clock, I get closer with every shot, my breath escapes me, no time to stop!.
My throat burns, my knees shake my continence tells me to walk. But I'm hardheaded. Its a fight I can't win but I'm as far as I got. Then life tags temptation. I get rocked, wake up on the floor, my jaw hurts and ive lost. But the fight has no rules. Depression kicks me wile I'm down, curbstomped.
Welcome to my mind, see the sick twisted spots. How I deal with situations,
:icontimo35:Timo35 2 2
i miss you.
There's no distraction to successfully mask reality. Yet we focus on the fine points of devotion to capture immortality in a second. We hold it close till its forgotten, this is called a memory. Like that time we goofed off in Walmart or stayed up watching TV. Or the time I finally asked her out. Or How I almost asked her to marry me. Good times and bad. Frozen for eternity. We don't move on we forget. Every bleeding wound I have can't be fixed, someone new will come along remove the sharp edge help me stand strong and stitch me up quick, but in time they'll get ticked shove it back in and out of rage give it a twist. I hold the weight of the world like rocks on my shoulders but my pain lies in the blades lodged under those boulders. Yet I'm still here. Life sucks but we live with it. So I'm done hiding fear, I'm scared. No life plans I'm young and my dreams are dead. All I have are the ones I hold dear. But I'm ready to change gears. There's a place in my mind where I chill with my fr
:icontimo35:Timo35 2 3
Depression is an Option
Depression is a choice, my dear,
And happiness the same
You choose this illness, don’t you?
What a tragic little game.
Depression is an option, love
Just get up out of bed
Take your tears and worries
And just smile now instead.
Depression is a choice, you see,
And so is suicide.
Just sit back, kick your feet up, dear
Enjoy this perfect ride.
Get over your own standards
Of what everyone should be.
Just smile for once, and maybe
You’ll be living perfectly.
Depression is an illness
That we feel so deep within.
Why would anybody choose
To write poetry on their skin?
Unless there lies a reason, dear,
I would not choose to die.
If depression was an option...
I’d choose to say goodbye.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 1,443 451
Inside Out by KrystellaLyle Inside Out :iconkrystellalyle:KrystellaLyle 6 2 little girl ^^ by masyanyaRUS little girl ^^ :iconmasyanyarus:masyanyaRUS 14 0 zentangle :) by masyanyaRUS zentangle :) :iconmasyanyarus:masyanyaRUS 5 4 Random lady by Kosamy Random lady :iconkosamy:Kosamy 5 5
Dear California
Why question
When you're lost,
Find hope.
It's not hard,
Go try hard.
Your mind is splaying tricks again.
live in the night
breathe in the moon
and dream away to your heart's worst fears
do not worry
or worry do
but breathe the smoke
and watch the fumes
from your temple empire's
ghost for hire
whole town on fire
dear california
release all your demons
suffer and breathe in
i love you so
did you know?
Dear California,
With words like diamonds
And eyes like swamp pits
And hearts like broken toys
And horny boys
Dear California,
With slurred words and clipped phrases
Stomach aches
Night time failures
Your scent a true essence
I love you Dear California
or ye souls shall be lost
till your innocence is lost
just remember you were always mine.
but never anyone's
:iconshadowstartheamazing:ShadowStartheamazing 3 6


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Hey guys,
I have been gone for such a long time and haven't been keeping up on my art like I should be...but that is all changing! I am selling products with my original artworks here… and I'll be much more active on DA as well :) I've missed you all.


ennailaughter's Profile Picture
Elannia Lake
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi everybody! I am an artist, and poet ^^ Definitely not a professional yet, but I aspire to be one someday :)

In my poems I don't usually put the interpretation in the description because I want the reader to interpret it themselves.

I am also on instagram at elannialake :) but that is mainly for my modeling career. Would love the followers though!


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